Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hi guys!

This post is dedicated to the NYC PR Girls, you may have heard of them. I follow them on twitter and I really enjoy their posts. The blogs they post are so relevant to me and find that they are really helpful. If you are a PR student I suggest you follow them and read their articles!

They have a section called Guide, which is basically dedicated to steering you in the direction you want to go if you are interested in a career in PR. I find, especially when I am meeting new people, even just on twitter, that I'm so keen to network with people in the industry because sometimes you need to know the right people to get what you want. Or all the time?

New York City is also a dream of mine. I would love to potentially work overseas in NY and London, to get a taste about what International PR is all about and to broaden my experience basically. Every PR girl I've met has dreams of where they see themselves and it makes me wonder where I will be in 5 years?!

Check them out at their blog at and follow them on twitter @NYCPRGIRLS, they know some amazing stuff!