Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Model. Co Super Tan Instant Self-Tan

Hey guys!

My first product I reviewed since being back to blogging is the Model. Co SUPER TAN Instant Self-Tan Mousse. I am always on the look out for self tanners and have been through my fair share of bad tans. When I come across a good one I stick to it.

I have tried a lot since being in my teens from gradual tanners, liquids, creams and instant wash off self tanners. My favourite so far have been from the Sportsgirl Self Tanning range. But being me I still like to try new products I discover.

The Model. Co Super Tan Instant Self-Tan is a mousse and works instantly. The best way to apply to avoid stains on your hands and a streaky tan is with the Model. Co Blend Buffing Mitt. This blends the tan in well with no streaks and stain free hands!! (Which was always one of my problems).

Spreading the mousse out evenly was easy and it dried instantly. After showering 2 hours after applying I was left with a deep bronze and what felt like a holiday tan!! The fragrance is just as great and not too strong, which is one of my pet hates when it comes to self tanners.

One of the even better benefits of the self tanner is it contains an ingredient, Melatime, which deepens your tan with natural UV light, amazing stuff!

Check out the photos and if your like me and love a fab fake tan try it yourself. The photos do look a little bit orange but they were taken with my iPhone and the flash isn't the greatest! Its only $25.99 (compared to some other self tanners is quite cheap) from any Priceline store that stocks Model. Co.

Love and Leave You,

Anna X