Monday, September 24, 2012

Women's Fitness Magazine

So, im loving the new Women's Fitness magazine that was launched this month. For someone like me who has just gotten back into fitness, its a great way to get fab idea for recipes, workout wear, exercises   and living a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes we just need that extra push and motivation and knowing me, a fab magazine is just the way! Lately I have just been wanting to get back into fitness, since summer is coming, and I realised how much I DONT know.

The magazine is packed with everything I need to know about fitness and all the right foods to eat and don't, since thats my biggest weakness. The first issue is only $5.95 and currently on, they are selling a 12 month subscription for $39.95. AMAZE!

Women's Fitness is owned by ACP Magazines and the editor is Rachel Sharp. Rachel previously worked was the deputy editor and lifestyle editor at Harper's Bazaar. Excited to see upcoming issues!

On UNI holidays starting Wednesday and soo cant wait to get back into my fitness lifestyle right before summer. Check the mag out, I know you will love it!

Anna X
Women's Fitness first issue cover
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