Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lost Inspiration..


It has been a while since I have made an appearance on my blog. Sadly I have lost inspiration on what to write about, which hardly ever happens to me, because usually I cannot stop talking or sharing news with people. Today I have decided to turn over a new leaf, and start blogging again. To get me going I thought I would share a few things happening in my personal life..

Back at Uni again

So I am back at Uni again, really motivated for this semester because I am so much more organised and actually excited to start my second year. Sadly I am not doing any PR subjects, just the usual core business subjects. However still looking forward to learning new things.


Everyone gets to the stage in their lives when they buy a brand new car, and I had mine last week. I purchased a 2012 Pink Toyota YR Yaris. YES pink! Its a gorgeous little thing and you can imagine the looks I get from people thinking I am crazy driving a pink car, but personally I love it! I shall post a pic below. In not so exciting news I am losing my license for 3 months on April 6 :( so I can only drive it for a few more weeks.

So to end this post, please continue to look out for continuing posts! I look forward to re-entering the blogging world!

A xx