Sunday, April 8, 2012

Confessions of a PR Chick Part 3: Forever Alone?

My bestie and me were on our way to our favourite restaurant in Darlinghurst, Li'l Darlin, and were having a conversation about relationships and how we are somewhat happy being single but would be complete if we had men in our lives.

The conversation took me back to when I was in school where it seemed to me everyone had boyfriends and were in "love" except me. So, stupidly, I said yes to the first boy that asked me to be his girlfriend, even though I didn't like him. Just to be like everyone else.

This brings me to question, have times changed? Are we only settling with men for the sake of having someone in our lives, even though we know deep down we don't like them very much? Answer is no, not everyone, but what about the rest of us? I myself have been out with numerous guys and cried myself to sleep over men who I wanted so badly but didn't want me enough.

During the conversation we came to the conclusion that being in a relationship is like trying on clothes and buying something. We came up with the following:

The General Pants Co Man:
The General Pants Co. Man is fast, short lived and out of fashion before you can say "I love you". When trying on this man, you feel it's okay if it doesn't go with your wardrobe and you can just return it as easily as you decided to buy it.

The Louis Vuitton Man:
The Louis Vuitton Man is priceless, classic and above everything else amazing. When your with your Louis Vuitton Speedy 35, the world feels amazing. You can't imagine your life without your Speedy because it simply completes you.

The metaphor lies between the lines of someone you lust over and will only be with because everyone seems to be in a relationship but you, or the man you love and the man that loves you.

Now I ask you.. Do you want the General Pants Co Man.. Or do you want the Louis Vuitton Man?