Monday, March 11, 2013

Confessions of a PR Intern: Day 2

Today I had my second day at Portobello PR as an intern. Things were very interesting, I met a fellow intern and another cute little puppy! I love being busy there, its amazing I actually gave myself a moment to have lunch. And by lunch I mean walking to Toko and getting takeaway and eating it at my desk. I guess its true they say that every great PR girl has lunch at her desk.

Tasks today including searching for guest contacts for an event, putting together some more gift bags, merchandising the showroom and scanning through client coverage in magazines. Missed out on blogging today but Friday is another day! When I think about the tasks I did I feel like it wont take me all day to do but time goes SO fast you hardly notice.

Second days are always a little less nerve racking but I feel like I am being myself and was especially lucky to have another intern in the same boat as me. It is lucky I have gone into a firm where they are laid back (and nice!), to lessen the nerves a little.

It was great to explore Paddington a little today also, I found a little cafe on the end of William St and discovered Pelle Recycled Designer Shoes. Not that being from the suburbs in an excuse, but I don't go to Paddington that often but its a nice change in scenery!

I love writing this blog so I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am loving interning!