Thursday, February 16, 2012

Melbourne Trip 2012

Hi guys!

I haven't posted anything for a little while so I thought I would start will a little recap about my trip down to Melbourne. I have honestly been about 4 times in the past year and a bit and I just can't get enough!

The city is so different to Sydney and I think that is what I like the most. I went down with my cousin for 4 days and 3 nights. We stayed at the Vibe Savoy Hotel on Little Collins St, right across from Southern Cross Station, so it was very convenient. The hotel staff were lovely, but I don't think I will be staying there again.

First day was a blur, partly because we had a 6.30 flight and I was really tired and because instead of relaxing on arrival we went shopping and on a Neighbours Tour! Was really fun, we went to the garage, the school, the studios and to Ramsay Street! We met up with Gemma Pranita who plays Jade Mitchell, she is such a doll and answered all our questions.

Shopping in Melbourne is the best part, the city is full of DFO's, alley way boutiques and plenty of shopping strips. Malls we went to are Spencer St DFO, South Wharf DFO, Bourke St Mall and Chapel St.

One of the highlights of this trip was visiting the Topshop store on Chapel St and the Zara store on Bourke St. I went in to Topshop will high expectations but unfortunately they weren't meant which was a shame. The styles were very generic, not like the UK at all. It was like walking into a Valleygirl store in the city, so I didn't buy too much from there. I did however enjoy the Personal Shopping section they had, you can take in as many items as you like, hang them up on rack and the room is divine and so BIG.

Of course the Crown Casino is ever amazing! It still has this smell that I will never forget and it just brings back so many memories of me and my girlfriends having a blast. 

We ate at so many amazing restaurants, Rare Steakhouse on King Street, has amazing steak and delicious wine. If you are ever going to Melbourne let me know and I know so many other places. I'll post some photos soon and you can check out my weekend away!


A xx