Monday, March 19, 2012

New Week, New Plans...?


Hope you all are enjoying my blog so far, any comments are more than welcome. So, my Confessions of a PR Chick in the Making blog, is mainly about fashion I like, beauty products I love and are interested in, and the main part of my blog is about... me really and my confessions of being a PR chick in the making right?

Well, it is, so today I have decided to write this blog post about new plans I have decided to act on in the near future. As everyone probably already knows, I am a 22, PR student, who has major plans for her life. But sadly I decided what I wanted to do a little later than most and am now studying and also working in retail.

I love who I work with, which is the main reason why I am still working retail and its made it just that extra hard. But this week I have decided to embark on new quests. At the moment I am a full time student, I do plan to stay studying full time with the exception of taking night classes and working full time. I am taking the first step in making myself more available for internships, work and earning money that I am currently for obvious reasons.

My dream is obviously to work in PR, my dream right now is to get PR companies to know who I am. I will be applying for jobs that is going to help me with my future dream, because speaking realistically, a PR company wont hire someone to work in PR, if they have no experience and are studying full time. Well maybe they can, and maybe they will. My chances are slim to none, but part of me is to strive for what I want, and one day, in the nearby future, I will get there, to where I want to be...

Here's to a New Week, New Plans... and pursuing those plans :)

A xx