Sunday, March 24, 2013

Confessions of a PR Intern: Week 3

Hey guys!

As promised I shall continue to blog from my favourite place at the moment, Portobello PR. Since receiving my internship 3 weeks ago, life has been nothing but insane and by insane I mean crazy. I have 1 day of a week (Sunday) as I work at Skechers and attend uni also. So in between all that I am still able to maintain a healthy social life, much to my amazement!

This week I was only in on Friday and what a day it was! I love not leaving my desk all day and working on something so important that I cant ef up. It makes me feel like my presence is valued and I am actually doing something worthwhile.

So on Friday I was able to work on a guest list for an event coming up in April, and actually enjoyed popping invitations into envelopes to send out to guests! It reminded me of an episode of The Hills where Heidi just starts her new job at Bolthouse and she despises the fact she had to do that.. Lets face it, everything reminds me of The Hills!

Apart from working in the office, I have managed to figure out the area a little better. I no longer have to keep an eye out for my bus stop in case I miss it, I sense when I have arrived to my stop. I have established favourite places for coffee, breakfast and lunch, and places I don't and I realised I can walk through the rain from the office to the bus stop with minimal rain drops!

Today I came across a website called College Fashion and their "7 Internship Success Tips from a 4 time Fashion Intern" and they are spot on!

1. Take any internship experience you can get, as soon as you can

2. The first week is always the worst

3. Asking questions is better than doing something wrong
4. Change your outfits to fit where you are working5. The busy work is worth it

6. Everyone makes mistakes… and they are all fixable
7. Smile! :)

And a little from me:

8. Show initiative
9. Staying back an extra 10 minutes never hurt anyone
10. Take intern advice from Lauren Conrad

Looking forward to writing my next post and embarking on new adventures at Portobello!