Monday, April 1, 2013


My latest obsession has been Khaki. Every time I shop I am looking for that perfect Khaki Parka as a winter essential! I have seen so many that I like, but not love. Unfortunately I am being unnecessarily picky with this and looking for a particular type of khaki, material and style.

So far my favourite I have seen is the Dotti KHAKI HOODED ANORAK JACKET (pictured below) but of course, its sold out! And again I saw one from Factorie today but my size and colour wasn't available (sad face).

I have searched online and in stores for my favourite (and available) one but still no luck! Heres hoping that coming into winter there will be more available. At least I am convinced they are on trend and HOT property this season!

I think they would go perfectly well with leggings, shorts and even a cute little dress in Autumn. They are the perfect winter essential that I am going to get my hands on this winter!

I have pictured my favourite so far:

ASOS Khaki Army Jacket With Detachable Fur Trim