Saturday, March 24, 2012

Confessions of a PR Chick Part 1: Shopaholic?

Hi guys and girls!!

So I guess you could say this is my first official Confessions of a PR Chick in the making blog post. I have made previous blogs before, obviously, but this one is Part One of a weekly column I have decided to do to keep you updated on the weekly happenings of my ever so crazy, non stop life!

Firstly, upon realising that I want the world and I want it.. when I can afford it, I have decided to stop shopping.. SHOCK HORROR I know! I mean apart from the fact I cant escape a shopping centre since I work in several, this is going to be really hard, and it has been the past few weeks.

I also decided I wanted a new car, so I bought one. So along with buying a new car comes the extra responsibilities of loan repayments, insurance debits, raising petrol prices etc etc. I'm not complaining, this is life as we know it, but I guess it slows down the living in NYC dream a little.

Since not shopping I have been a nervous wreck, Ive been forced to clean out my wardrobe, use what I have and put to use the things I haven't. I have been a shopaholic since I started working at my local chemist at the tender age of 15, my money was literally spent before I even got it, not much has changed I must admit.

The moral or point of this blog I should say, is this week I broke. When I say broke, I mean I spent about some of my savings on items, I could of done without, or not.  As I was walking through the stores after just making my first purchase at Sportsgirl it hit me, was i getting anxiety from...NOT shopping?? Was this the source of my insanity? Was making a second and third purchase from Sportsgirl the answers to ever worsening health?

All the questions above are answered with YES!! Yes my shopping Thursday night made me feel better, yes it made me breathe again and yes making further purchases made me feel even better. I am totally in love with my purchases and I cant wait to share photos!

Until then..

A xx